Rexona Underarm Roll On 

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Rexona is the World’s No. 1^ Deodorant Brand. Rexona Shower Fresh Roll-on gives 10x protection* against odour caused by sweat & bacteria. It is safe on skin, keeping you smelling clean & feeling confident all day long.


  • 10x protection*. Prevents odour from sweat & bacteria
  • Safe on skin
  • 48 hours Sweatguard Anti-Perspirant
  • Clean, fresh scent to keep you smelling clean and fresh all day
  • 0% Alcohol
  • Dermatologist tested


After a shower, apply 4-6 swipes of the roll-on per underarm daily. Let the product dry before wearing your clothes. And step out of your house with the confidence of 10x odour protection*

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^Unilever calculation basis Nielsen Data for 2018
*Based on clinical study vs. untreated underarm

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