Pears Pure & Gentle

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There's nothing like knowing that your face is soft, smooth and glowing. Did you know that glycerine is considered to be one of the best ingredients to preserve your face's natural moisture and glow? Pears understands this and brings to you its heritage product - the glycerine soap, Pears Pure & Gentle Bathing Bar. With 100% more glycerine, Pears cleanses your skin for visibly glowing skin, every time you shower. Its gentle formula has 0% parabens, helping preserve the moisture of your skin gently and without any harshness.


  • With 100% more glycerine vs grade 1 soaps, Pears helps preserve the moisture of your skin
  • Its gentle formula has 0% parabens
  • It doesn't dry out skin and keepts it soft, smooth and glowing


  • Just rub it between your hands and massage rich creamy lather over your face and body before rinsing away thoroughly.

  • Use it twice daily for best results.
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