Indulekha Bringha Hair Cleanser

indulekha shampoo

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Indulekha Bringha hair Cleanser (Shampoo) is Ayurvedic proprietary medicine recommended by expert for hair fall. It is natural Ayurvedic shampoo made with Bringhraj and 6 other precious Ayurvedic herbs. Every drop of Indulekha Bringha Shampoo has 23% herbs content in it, which makes it dark brown in colour. It has 5 times more herbs than any other Ayurvedic/Natural shampoo. Bringhraj is known to treat hair fall problem and promotes hair growth. Each 100ml Indulekha Bringha shampoo has 9 fully grown Bringhraj plants extracts in it. Indulekha Bringha Shampoo goes through 400+ stringent quality tests before it reaches to you.


  • Indulekha Bringha Shampoo Reduces Hairfall
  • Indulekha Bringha Shampoo is Ayurvedic Medicine for hair fall
  • Restores natural goodness of hair
  • Improves over all scalp and hair health
  • Indulekha Bringha Shampoo is natural mild hair cleanser
  • It has 100% natural colour and 100% Natural Perfume in it. It leaves behind authentic herbal aroma after wash.
  • No synthetic colour added in it. No external Perfume added in it.
  • It has no parabens, No Dyes and It is GMO free.


Flip the bottle cap and Squeeze the bottle and take Induelkha Bringha Shampoo on palm as per your hair requirement Apply it on wet hair and turn it in to lather, keep it for some time and then rinse of with water.

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