Domex Fresh and Clean Toilet Cleaner

Key Info Description

Domex has been providing effective sanitation to millions across the globe. Domex with its unique formulations will not just give you a fresh and clean toilet but also protect your family from any harmful germs.


  • 2 times longer lasting fragrance
  • Keeps you safe with upto 99.9% germ removal
  • It comes with a unique colour changing formula where the colour turns from green to blue upon contact with water, removes malodour causing germs
  • Ideal thickness ensures an even spread across the toilet bowl


  • To open the cap press pads and twist anti-clockwise to open cap
  • Direct the nozzle under the rim and apply
  • Domex starts its action with colour change from green to blue
  • Wait for 20 mins. Just brush and flush to get a shiny, clean and 100% fresh toilet

how to use